How much more profitable would your business be if your office workers would improve their productivity, without them feeling like they are being pressured to work harder? The answer is “by improving their working environment.” When people enjoy their work and heir environment, they get into ‘their zone’ and they thrive in what they do best. And in return, the business’s productivity and profits increase. There are several things that you can do to boost your office’s productivity, however the single investment that could triple your business’s productivity is by improving the office’s lighting design.

What are the benefits that you should expect?

Improved employee output.

Improved lighting will positively influence your office workers motivation, comfort and contribution to their overall happiness.

Improved employee health.

Poor workplace illumination leads to employee stress, fatigue and accidents. It is a common issue that gets overlooked by health and safety managers for other pressing concerns. Bad lighting can lead to health issues such as eye strain, headaches, fatigue and workplace accidents. Furthermore, health issues reduces employees performance and forces them to take sick days at the expense of the company. Investing in a lighting system that provides uniform illuminance can minimise these risks to your business.

What kind of improvements can I make to my office?

Making a few of the following adjustments can make a huge difference to your office workers productivity. These include:

Incorporating natural light as much as possible.

Brighten up your office with as much natural light as possible. Open windows and place mirrors or glass objects around the room to increase its brightness.

Install lighting that will brighten up the office.

By installing natural-looking light, the office will feel more comfortable for your employees. Your office can invest in general, task-specific and accented LED lighting solutions. More details on office lighting can be viewed here.

What are the types of lighting customisations that I should keep in mind?

There are several office environments that require different lighting designs. American Best LED Lighting can customise a lighting solution for:

  • Open offices
  • Private offices
  • Corridors
  • Reception
  • Outdoor
  • Signs
  • Backroom and warehouse
  • Collaborations

Businesses that have installed new lighting solutions based on American Best LED Lighting’s lighting design recommendations have reported an increase in their business’s productivity, as well as reduced energy costs. Some examples include:

American Retailers Association


Aspen Pharma

If you would like to find out more about office lighting designs that can improve your business’s productivity, get in touch with one of American Best LED Lighting’s lighting consultants today!