Our promise to you

We are dedicated to your project and confident in our capacity to save you at least 50% on your lighting costs. In fact, we promise to pay your energy bill for 3 months if we can’t lower your commercial lighting costs by 50%!*

How do we do it?

American Best LED Lighting makes it easy to make the switch to LEDs and generate a cash flow positive impact for your business from day one. Our unique business model allows us to procure world class LEDs straight from our factory and deliver them direct to our customers.

This not only enables us to deliver one of the fastest payback periods in the market, it also allows us to reduce costs along the way and pass those savings to our clients, ensuring our LED upgrade can save you at least 50% on your lighting costs. What’s more, with our range of funding options, we can often get you started with no money down.

We value our clients and uphold our promises to them…

Shaun Bajada, Director of Operations

American Retailers Association (ARA), East Los Angeles, CA 90068

“…American Best LED Lighting were a pleasure to deal with…the ARA saves over $6,000 a year in lighting costs and that can go straight back into more exciting services for our members. I highly recommend making the switch to American Best LED Lighting…”

Kevin Gorman, Director

Clark Rubber, Chirnside Park

“Dealing with American Best LED Lighting was a great experience and I was impressed with the ease of getting the upgrade completed with them.”

Brendon Goddard, Executive Chairman

Supa-IGA, Kangaroo Flat

“Switching to American Best LED Lighting’s LEDs dramatically impacted our bottom line…My store now saves over $67,000 a year on lighting costs…We are very happy with the results and would absolutely recommend American Best LED Lighting.”

Take the challenge and see how much we can save you!

Give us a call on (323) 206-5900 or fill out the form below and let our friendly upgrade managers take care of the rest.

*Terms and Conditions;
50% saving on lighting costs is based on the financial savings on recurring product replacements as well as maintenance and energy savings costs that you would have incurred without LED lighting products. Savings are calculated by comparing the wattage reduction (including ballasts) between existing lighting configuration and American Best LED Lighting LEDs. The offer does not include upgrading from T5 florescent tubes to an LED product. Offer does not include the replacement of LED lighting, induction lighting or CLF lighting. Savings are based on the  American Best LED Lighting Energy Savings Proposal documentation only. Only American Best LED Lighting can determine the appropriate LED replacement products suitable for the upgrade. Customer must have a minimum of 200 lights to qualify. Offer does not extend to lighting or wiring that fails to comply with American wiring standards and where additional wiring works are required. If American Best LED Lighting cannot save 50% on lighting costs, it will pay the three months of energy costs up to the value of $3000 per month. Offer valid until August 31st, 2015.