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Energy Efficient Commercial LED Lighting

If you’re in the business of efficiency, excellence and making money, then it’s time to consider our comprehensive lighting solutions for commercial environments. American Best LED Lighting‘s commercial lighting team has saved American businesses over $120 million in energy and replacement costs. Make an enquiry now using the form above and see how much our commercial lighting upgrades could save you.

Lighting That Pays for Itself

Your business can upgrade to energy-saving LED lighting with no upfront costs, repaying the installation across multiple energy bills. ‘On-bill funding’ financing is designed to be cash flow positive, meaning monthly energy savings are greater than the repayments. Talk to our consultants about on-bill funding or other financing solutions.

Government Incentives

The US Governments are still offering incentives for businesses to lower their energy costs through LEDs. See how we can help you with this process.

Our Savings Promise

We believe in driving American businesses forwards through efficiency. That’s why we’ll pay your energy bills for 3 months if we can’t cut your commercial lighting costs by 50 per cent*.  Learn more about our promise and how we can help you lower your businesses lighting bills.

We Manage Your Entire Upgrade

Our commercial project management makes switching to LED easy. We employ a host of experts – from designers to auditors and electricians – to research, create and install a quality solution at the best possible price. The entire process is overseen by your personalised project manager, who will be with you from start to finish.

American Best LED Lighting Difference

LEDs are a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for your office.  At American Best LED Lighting we streamline the traditional lighting process. By providing the product, anassessment and installation ourselves, we can pass savings onto you and promote a rapid return on investment.

Our philosophy of lower business overheads and quality LEDs has achieved an average payback period of 19.3 months for commercial customers. Download our capability statement to learn more about how our innovation can help you.

American Best LED Lighting aims to secure the fastest payback possible for commercial clients. We have consolidated the overhead of a traditional lighting channel and we pass these savings onto customers, who in turn achieve a rapid return on investment.

Improving Every Commercial Environment

We can provide commercial lighting solutions that work for any environment. We have LED lights that are safer, stronger and longer lasting, making them perfect for healthcare environments. We can also help to design and create a professional atmosphere for retailers and office workers.

From ceiling lights to led signs, we have it all. Explore our commercial product range for more great ideas.

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