Education Lighting – Create An Ideal Environment

Lighting can really contribute to creating an ideal environment to work in, and this is certainly the case for educational facilities. In these environments, the level of lighting can contribute to staff and students working with vigour and liveliness versus drained energy and eyestrain. Not only this, but ill-considered lighting can also have a negative effect on electricity bills, especially across large educational buildings or campuses. American Best LED Lighting can offer effective solutions to address these considerations. Education institutions, which have used American Best LED Lighting have seen the difference in both their lighting costs and in the general feeling of their school, staff and students.


Key Considerations

What does your educational institution look like, as a physical structure and in the way it operates? These factors can assist you in creating an optimal lighting environment. Consider these things when talking to our LED experts:

  • How many days a week do you operate and for how long?
  • Does your facility have regular hours?
  • Are you switching to LED lighting or simply refitting existing LED lights?
  • Have you considered different lighting requirements for offices/classrooms/toilets/hallways etc.?
  • What sort of light (neutral, daylight) is best for you?
  • Have you considered emergency lighting?
  • Do you prefer tube lighting, panels, down lights, etc.?
  • What sort of access does each room have to natural lighting?

Technical Insights

Here is some information to assist you in creating the perfect classroom, office and learning environment.

  • American Best LED Lighting’s education range spans down lights, tube lighting, panels, emergency lighting and more
  • We stock products with SSL accreditation from the Lighting Council America
  • Various government reports (2002, 2006) have suggested that colour can influence student attitudes and learning behaviours, as well as promoting positive feelings, motor control and more.


Products for Your Needs

For all your education lighting, American Best LED Lighting has you covered. Our education range boasts energy efficient LED products that are perfect for corridors and bathrooms as well as more traditional office and classroom spaces. We provide a range of dimmable products, ideal for adjusting atmospheres, as well as reliable lighting for emergency situations.