Lighting for Hospitality

Hospitality is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere and a great social space for customers to relax and enjoy themselves. Avoid poor quality products that flicker, easily break and emit an unwelcoming yellow light by using LED lights, which provide natural, neutral and easy on the eye lighting. The team at American Best LED Lighting are dedicated to delivering the best quality lighting solutions for you and your business, and our lighting range will help create a more inviting and appropriate ambiance in your hotel, restaurant or bar.

On top of these incredible benefits, LEDs are also incredibly energy efficient. This means that no matter what your operating hours are like – and they’re often late in hospitality – you can keep your bills as low as possible.


Key Considerations

Hospitality is about keeping patrons comfortable, relaxed and enjoying their surroundings. Correctly illuminating a room can greatly impact your customers overall enjoyment and how much time they spend on your premises. American Best LED Lighting can help you with your lighting designs and customer requirements, catering to both your customers needs as well as your business’s. In hospitality you should think about:

  • Lighting quantity and distribution – how much lighting you need is important but you should also consider how you plan on spreading that throughout your café, foyer or bar.
  • Will you go simple? – a striking lighting feature can be appealing, but keeping a simple-yet-sophisticated layout design can sometimes create a more welcoming environment for guests – using subtle highlights and illumination to enhance rather than overwhelm a space
  • Business versus pleasure – how will your lighting be equipped for holidaymakers as well as business people?
  • Customer control – how much lighting control will guests have in their rooms – on/off or more?
  • Environmental impact – what is your policy on eco-friendly operation? A simple switch to LEDs is a great first step – ask us how!

Key Insights

Understanding the importance of lighting in hospitality can aid you in making better decisions. The following information is just one way that American Best LED Lighting can help you. Consider the following:

  • The hospitality industry is the second most prominent in its global use of LEDs
  • Between 2011 and 2020, hospitality’s global market share in LED is predicted to increase by approximately 80 per cent
  • The American Best LED Lighting range includes lighting for indoor and outdoor hospitality, including ever-popular downlights


LED Lighting Solutions for Hospitality

To create ideal ambiance, you need to consider quality, flexibility and control for customers.

For spaces that match retail and hospitality environments – like restaurants or even gift shops – we have products like the Shopfitter, which last more than 50,000 hours. We also have lighting for outdoor spaces – like rooftops bars or courtyards – and even dimmable, anti-glare products.