How to Reinvent Your Home with Effective Lighting

From the elegance of an eclectic, dappled effect to the understated beauty of concealed fixtures, lighting can have a powerful effect on how we perceive our homes. Light can punctuate striking design and redefine living spaces, providing a flexibility that interior décor alone simply cannot achieve.

In some areas of our home nature is the perfect designer, and open windows can create unforgettable scenes with ease. For many of us though, high-rise structures and unfortunate positioning can limit access to a lot of steady natural light. Fortunately, electric light has come a long way, both in terms of practicality and design, and with a few thoughtful placements, your lamps and fixtures can reinvent your home.


Enhance Ambiance with Ease

Ambience is more than the atmosphere of your rooms, it presents an opportunity to create a certain quality; a resounding character. For living rooms and bedrooms alike, you can’t go past omnidirectional lighting to create this feeling. Chandeliers and high-ceiling fixtures are perfect, here and efficient, low-wattage lighting will perfectly spread a soft, welcoming light throughout your room.


Invest in Lamps

Lighting is about much more than illumination; it is a source of colour, shade and patterns for your home. An easy way maximise these effects is with lamps. Scattering lamps with different coloured shades and patterned bases throughout your room is a simple way to add a splash of character. Match and contrast your lamps with your décor to find a perfect effect that is only enhanced when you switch the lamps on.


Spotlight Your Best Features

By investing in downlights and wall fixtures you can shine a light onto exotic plants, unique artworks and incredible pieces of furniture. Creating a spotlight effect – that lights your room in spots rather than as a unit – works best when the source of the light is obscured, seemingly coming from nowhere.


A Word on Interior Design

Making the most out of your lamps, downlights and fixtures also means planning your space well. Dark colour – whether on your furniture, your walls or your furnishings – will absorb your light, putting much of your clever design to waste. Consider more light-coloured surfaces to counter this, or at least a mix of light and dark, to help your lighting out.


There are so many ways that lighting can enhance the look and feel of your home. With some quick and easy lighting changes, you can change the whole look of a room or space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting techniques, brightness levels, or lamps and fixtures.