LED Lighting Installation: Why These “Free” Programs Can Prove Costly For Homeowners

Recent government incentives have put a major spotlight on residential LED lighting programs and the many features these products deliver. Online ads can be found throughout the Internet touting the so-called “perks” of this government plan. The nucleus of the plan? Homeowners who currently have old, inefficient, energy-wasting lighting products throughout their home can actually opt for a free LED lighting installation throughout the residence. Sounds great, right?

Not exactly.

Yes, http://americanbestledlighting.com upgrading the lighting throughout your home from high-wattage, energy wasters to uber-efficient residential LED lighting proves an ideal solution that yields an extensive range of benefits. Long lasting lifespan, impressive visual enhancement of the living space, and potentially lowering your utility bills are just some of the many advantages you’ll enjoy when making this important switch. However, many homeowners realise far too late that a free LED lighting installation can eventually prove a very costly option.

What You Need To Know About The Free Installation LED Lighting Process

Wondering what could possibly be wrong about a free LED lighting installation? You’re not alone; many homeowners initially believe that this is a foolproof deal; however, at American Best LED Lighting, we’ve seen firsthand that these free residential installations can yield inferior results and ultimately cost homeowners more in the long run. Understanding exactly what you’ll get when signing up for this government incentive can help ensure that you make an informed final decision.

The biggest problem with the free LED lighting installation initiative? The installation providers themselves. Oftentimes, these providers will actually go door to door to homeowners offering their free services; however, they are not certified electricians. The potential result of working with unskilled, non-certified providers can include:

Improperly installed LED
Incorrect transformers
Poor final lighting quality

Partner With A Certified Technician For Your LED Installation

Overtime, these incorrectly installed units can malfunction, causing homeowners to reach out to qualified, experienced and certified installation experts, like American Best LED Lighting, to remedy the situation. Undoing a botched installation job eventually ends up costing homeowners time, money and the inconvenience of having their daily routines disrupted while skilled specialists work inside their home.

Contact American Best LED Lighting Today To Hear How We Can Help With Your Government Incentive

The best way to ensure you LED lighting government incentive goes smoothly? Partner with a seasoned team of experts from the start. At American Best LED Lighting, we offer both premium products and services to our customers. But don’t take our word for it – see below to read a review from a previous customer that turned to American Best LED Lighting after choosing a “free” government install:

What issues did you face after you had ‘free’ lights installed?
The lights flickered when I turned them on. It was annoying having them do that, particularly when I was doing important things. Using kitchen utensils with flickering lights could be dangerous.

What changed when you had American Best LED Lighting LEDs installed?
The lights stopped flickering; the lumen output was higher because LED transformers had been installed. The lights are great, and the difference is between the previous lights and American Best LED Lighting LEDs is like night and day.

What advice would you have for others when it comes to making the change to LED?
Not to sign up with those offering free lights. To get the job done will cost some money. Because I signed up to get free lights, I lost my ability to get a government subsidy, as my old halogen lights had already been taken away for decommissioning. If I had my lights installed with good quality LEDs with transformers, installed by an electrician, I would have been able to claim the government incentive, and have good quality LEDs, and would’ve avoided the all the hassle.

Are you happy with your new lights?
Very happy!

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