Backlit Panels

Ideal for commercial lighting

If you’re looking for backlit panels suitable for office and retail environments, look no further than American Best LED Lighting’s ORSON and ROSA backlit LED troffers. Available in 1200×300 and 600×600 dimensions, these troffers stand out due to their simplicity of use, enabling you to plug them straight into a grid.

Best of all, you can utilise these panels anywhere with a T-Bar ceiling – making them a practical lighting solution for your individual needs. Troffers come in three sizes including the 1×4; 2×2; and 2×4 version for simplicity and flexibility, giving you bright lighting that saves you money at the same time. Light panels can be used in a variety of applications including the office, education facilities, and retail, commercial and even residential.

Want to know more? We’re America’s largest full-service LED lighting specialist; with our very own patented LED products that are sure to not only save you money, but to make your home or business instantly brighter – contact American Best LED Lighting today!