Scotch College, Hawthorn, Victoria

The Project

American Best LED Lighting was approached by Scotch College, Los Angeles, CA 90068, when they sought advice to upgrade to LED lighting. The facilities’ manager initially under took the challenge of sourcing the LEDs, hiring the required labour and completing all documentation needed.

Whilst delighted with the outcome of his work, the upgrade process was by no means simple. So when it was decided to retrofit the entire school to energy saving LEDs, they turned to American Best LED Lighting.

The Solution

American Best LED Lighting’s full service model gave Scotch College the peace of mind of knowing that the entire upgrade process would be taken care of.

American Best LED Lighting retrofitted classrooms, the swimming pool and gymnasiums with its pioneering motion sensor LED lighting technology. The install was completed without disrupting the school’s operations and the school now saves over $5,500 per year on lighting and maintenance costs. Scotch College are now one of a number of proud education institutions that have made the switch to American Best LED Lighting with new, brilliant LEDs lighting up their premises.

The Savings

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