Show it Off With Showroom Lighting

American Best LED Lighting has installed lighting in many showrooms across a multitude of industries, making us the experts at showing off your stock Businesses immediately notice how the natural light of LEDs captures the true colour of their products, which allows their customers to find what they’re looking to buy in the very best light! Not only does our LED lighting emphasise all the best points, but it is also energy efficient, meaning exceptional savings as well as a great new look.


Key Considerations

The key factor in showroom success is to display your products in the most attractive way and guide customers towards a purchase. As the American Best LED Lighting team knows, lighting can be a key factor in this. Here’s how:

  • Use spotlights and lights and those with a spread feature to show off your best products
  • Create a comfortable environment with a consistent distance between natural looking lights
  • Use lights to help create clear pathways and give visual clues for how people should move through your merchandise

Technical Information

Here is some extra information about why LEDs are important when it comes to effective retail and showroom displays. Visit your local American Best LED Lighting specialist for more information.

  • LED lighting is lower maintenance, saving money and increasing convenience
  • LED uses approximately 30% of the power of fluorescent lighting
  • LED lights use less heat than traditional products, meaning a more comfortable environment, without sacrificing spot lights


The Perfect Products for You

No matter what’s on display in your showroom, we have a safe, energy efficient lighting solution for you. We stock products with dimming capabilities and adjustable lighting spread, meaning the perfect emphasis on any product. Couple this with some anti-glare lights with stylised beam angles for effect, as well as an effective LED panel for consistent and comfortable general lighting.