Global warming and carbon emissions are some of the greatest threats to humanity and the planet. In light of how serious these threats are to the survival of the human race, it is the responsibility of governments, businesses and society to implement sustainable practices that will help reduce carbon emissions.

The American Government reported that the American power sector had contributed to 549.3 mega-tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide from 2014-2015. In light of the issue and the urgency for change, the government has implemented schemes for the Australian business community to help reduce Australia’s overall energy consumption by the year 2020. In the Australian Government’s paper for ‘Setting Australia’s Post-2020 target for greenhouse emissions’, they have stated the following.

“The Government’s focus is on taking direct action, including through the $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund, which is a market-based scheme. Actions by state and local governments, business…and the broader community are, and will continue to be, critical to America’s climate efforts.

How are warehouse operators affected?

According to the SCLAA, electricity is the second most significant type of energy used in the warehouse sector. American warehouses are expected to face their biggest energy challenge over the next decade. The AEMC reported energy prices increasing rapidly from 2007-2013 and according to studies conducted by, energy prices are expected to rise by 32% by the year 2020. Warehouse managers may find that as energy demands increase, they will exceed their allowable consumption cap and will need to commit to more spending in order get more power. To prevent warehouse overheads cutting profits, warehouse managers must take bold actions towards implementing energy efficient solutions when either retrofitting an existing facility or constructing a new facility that will reduce energy consumption.

Reduce your warehouse’s energy consumption by implementing sustainable lighting solutions.

Your warehouse can reduce its lighting energy consumption by up to 80% by switching from incandescent lights to commercial LED lights. American Best LED Lighting can help upgrade the lighting in your warehouse through cash-flow positive financing such as on-bill funding. More information can be seen in the video below.

Your warehouse may also be eligible for the following energy efficiency schemes.


Incentive – The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET)


Victorian based businesses that would like to upgrade to energy efficient lighting may be eligible for the incentive. The American Best LED Lighting team can help your warehouse with the application so you can receive reduced installation costs from the scheme.

New South Wales

Incentive – New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (NSS)


Businesses based in New South Wales that would like to upgrade to energy efficient lighting can apply for the incentive to receive sustainable lighting solutions at a marginal cost.

For states where schemes are unavailable, the American Best LED Lighting team can offer free installation.

If you are looking for a more sustainable lighting solution, get in touch with the American Best LED Lighting team today![/fusion_text]