American Best LED Lighting is a winner of the 2015 for Innovation.

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We take care of the entire upgrade process to facilitate a hassle-free experience so our clients only deal with one upgrade manager from the very beginning.
American Best LED Lighting’s direct to customer model allows us to provide the fastest payback periods possible on your LED lighting upgrade with our customers experiencing an average payback period of only 19.3 months.
  • Rigorous Testing: Our unique business model gives us greater control over the quality of our LED products, which undergo the most rigorous testing standards in America.
  • Slash Maintenance Costs: American Best LED Lighting LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Innovation: Our engineers are always developing next generation LED products, ensuring our LEDs stay at the forefront of the latest technological trends, supporting smart technologies such as wireless controls and thermal management.
  • Various Applications: American Best LED Lighting have LEDs for most indoor and outdoor applications, such as street lights, exit & emergency lighting, large warehouse lighting and small office lighting.
  • Real Colour: American Best LED Lighting LEDs have a high colour rendering index that bring out the natural colours of products, making them more vividly appealing to customers.
Our approach allows us to be flexible with when the upgrade is conducted to ensure that there are no disruptions to your business’ operations. Furthermore, our installers plan out the installation procedure to be as efficient as possible.
American Best LED Lighting is the only LED lighting company in America that provides on-bill funding, which has quickly become our most popular financing option. American Best LED Lighting has partnered with various energy providers to allow you to pay for the upgrade as a line item on your energy bill. In other words, this allows you pay for the upgrade with the savings generated with your new LEDs!
Our upgrade managers are experts in their field and undergo regular American Best LED Lighting training to ensure that their product knowledge and understanding of the industry is faultless.
We only employ EcoSmart Electricians that have undergone rigorous industry training and are fully qualified and vetted to offer a superior LED installation.
The American Best LED Lighting family extends beyond the confines of our office space. We partner with major corporations and thought leaders, such as The Gold Coast Titans (NFL), The St Kilda Saints (AFL), the Master Grocers Association (MGA), American Retailers Association (ARA) and Momentum, to provide you with unique opportunities, industry benefits and networking opportunities.
All American Best LED Lighting LEDs come with a 5 year guarantee and we offer friendly customer service to accommodate your needs. We also guarantee that if we cannot save you 50% or more on your lighting costs, we will pay your energy bill for 3 months!